Scientists have warned of the fatal consequences of human contact with aliens

Communication with extraterrestrial worlds threatens “the end of all life on Earth.”

Contact with aliens can lead to the “end of all life on Earth,” and people should stop trying to establish communication with aliens, physicists and astronomers warn. However, their opponents believe that contact with extraterrestrials will be the key to the future stability of our planet with the help of extraterrestrial technologies.

A group of astronomers opposes the desire to establish human communication with aliens from outside our galaxy, warning that contact with aliens can lead to the “end of all life on Earth.” This was written in a recent article in the Washington Post by physicist and science author Mark Buchanan.

According to the Daily Mail, Buchanan begins his article by mentioning video footage published by the US Department of Defense in April 2020, one of which shows how a US Navy aircraft encounters “unidentified aerial phenomena,” including objects flying and moving at speeds and in directions that are impossible for the flight of human-made vehicles.

Just a year earlier, leaked Pentagon footage showed an unidentified flying object hovering over San Diego, prompting speculation that perhaps “close encounters of the third degree” are not so far off.

But, according to a group of astronomers quoted in Buchanan’s paper, we should not assume that these possible aliens arrive on Earth in peace.

“Most likely, we should all be grateful that we don’t yet have any evidence of contact with alien civilizations,” writes Mark Buchanan. “Attempts to contact extraterrestrials, if they exist, can be extremely dangeros for us.”

Joe Hertz, an astronomer involved in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, supported Mark Buchanan’s opinion, saying that all our attempts to communicate with extraterrestrials can eventually become a reckless threat to all of humanity and should be absolutely banned with criminal consequences at the national level or through the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

Mark Buchanan compared the possible encounter with extraterrestrials to the arrival of Christopher Columbus in North America when an older civilization was vulnerable in the face of more technologically advanced Europeans.

Given the relatively young age of our galaxy, Buchanan believes that earthlings would undoubtedly be a more primitive civilization in the face of the inhabitants of galaxies and planets millions of years older than us.

However, astronomers and scientists belonging to a different school believe that contact with extraterrestrials, on the contrary, can benefit humanity at least through the use of alien technologies, which, in turn, can increase the stability of our planet.

Douglas Vakoch, an American astrobiologist, researcher of extraterrestrial intelligence, psychologist, and president of METI International, is one of those astronomers who not only believe in contact with extraterrestrials but also actively engaged in the corresponding search.

As president of METI International, Vakoch runs a non-profit research organization dedicated to transmitting signals to extraterrestrial civilizations. By ignoring their responsibilities as members of a potentially galactic neighborhood, Earth’s inhabitants risk “missing out on leadership that could enhance the resilience of our own civilization,” writes Douglas Vakoch.

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