Scientists have presented the smallest and most accurate random number generator

Chinese scientists have presented a miniature quantum random number generator. Its data cannot be calculated or predicted in advance.

The researchers explained that only cumbersome and relatively slow quantum generators can now provide true random number generation. Only they will be able to achieve conditions consistent with the laws of quantum physics, but researchers are striving to make these devices faster and more portable.

In Applied Physics Letters, scientists from China presented the fastest quantum generator to date, making devices faster and more portable. It combines a state-of-the-art photonic integrated chip with optimized post-processing to extract randomness from a quantum source of entropy of vacuum states.

“Recently, integrated quantum photonics technology has shown significant advantages in terms of device size reduction,” says author Jun Zhang. “In this work, we prove that this technology can be used to generate ultra-fast quantum random numbers in real-time.”

“Quantum random numbers are unpredictable, non-reproducible and unbiased, their randomness is due to the inherent non-deterministic nature of quantum physics,” Chinese scientists note.

The group chip uses photodiodes and a transimpedance amplifier integrated into a silicon photonic chip. It includes several connectors and attenuators. The combination of these components allows the generator to detect signals from a quantum entropy source with significantly improved frequency response.

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