Scientists have predicted a catastrophic rise in the level of the World Ocean

An international team of scientists led by researchers from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore found that sea-level rise this century will be more reliable than previously thought. Their findings are published in the journal Climate and Atmospheric Science.

More than a hundred leading authors of scientific publications at their request estimated the increase in the level of the World’s oceans. The researchers also analyzed more than a thousand articles on this topic.

In the worst-case scenario, which is widely expected, the ocean level will rise to 1.3 meters before the end of this century. In another 200 years, this mark will already be at an altitude of 5.6 meters from the original.

Scientists believe that as a result of melting glaciers in the Arctic and Greenland, the level of the World’s oceans will increase significantly. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions can slow down this process.

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