Scientists have named three stages of aging

A person ages in several stages, the main-three. Scientists from Stanford University, USA found this. They collected the results of their research in a scientific paper published on the Nature Medicine website.

Scientists took for the analysis of about three thousand plasma proteins of 4263 people. This study involved patients aged 18 to 95 years. In the course of the work, the scientists found certain regularities: in particular, nonlinear changes in the structure of proteins occur in waves and are associated with human age.

The main changes recorded in 34, 60 and 78 years. Thus, the analysis of proteins can accurately determine the age of a person. Such changes in blood plasma indicate a change – the start or decay – of certain age-related processes in the body. However, the exact causes of changes in proteins, researchers can not yet name.

Meanwhile, scientists at the American University of Colorado in Boulder conducted a study in which they found the relationship between sleep and the probability of a heart attack. As the researchers learned, sleep disorders — a direct road to heart disease.

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