Scientists have managed to fool people’s coordination in VR. They counted the thumb with their left hand!

Scientists have managed to fool people’s coordination in VR. They considered their thumb of the right hand to be the virtual left hand. An article by Japanese scientists led by Reta Kondo of Toyohashi Technical University is published in Frontiers in Robotics and AI.

In a study by scientists, the movements of a virtual arm were synchronized with the thumb of a person’s right hand. During the experiment, 20 people put on a virtual reality helmet, and the sensors of their right thumb captured the movements that were transferred in virtual reality to the left hand.

Virtual reality

After that, a knife appeared in the simulation – it was used when scientists recorded the electrical activity of the skin of the left hand. Such processes arose due to the appearance of sweating, which was caused by a stressful situation. In the event that a person began to worry, microscopic droplets of sweat were released, but they could be replaced by electrical activity.

Volunteers who took part in the experiment noted that it seemed to them that the movements of the fake hand were their own, and that the thumb of the right hand really turned into the left hand. Scientists note that thanks to virtual reality, the sense of deception of coordination intensified and they were able to instill in the subjects a feeling that the thumb of the right hand became much longer.

Author: Flyn Braun
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