Scientists have introduced biodegradable plastic from plants. It is truly biodegradable!

Japanese scientists from Osaka University introduced biodegradable plastic made from plants. About it writes New Atlas.

Now in the world there are several types of biodegradable plastic, but they have several disadvantages – they are worse than ordinary plastic, their production is several times more expensive than ordinary, and products from them can be produced in limited quantities.

In addition, Greenpeace experts note that biodegradable polymers continue to harm nature and will not save the planet from plastic pollution, since the oxygen-degradable bags decompose into plastic and the corn packages do not decompose in a landfill.

Japanese scientists have made an alternative type of biodegradable plastic from cellulosic nanofibers and starch. Packages of this polymer have water resistance and high strength, but they decompose upon prolonged exposure to sea water.

New type of plastic in sea water

In addition, oil is not used in the production of this type of plastic, which means that no greenhouse gases are emitted.

According to scientists, in the near future they are going to start mass production of their packages from starch.

Author: Flyn Braun
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