Scientists have identified a mutation of the coronavirus that can elude the antibodies

American researchers have discovered mutations in the coronavirus that help it avoid binding with antibodies, which are now becoming the main means of fighting the disease. These conclusions of scientists, most of them working at the Fred Hutchinson cancer research center, were published in an article in the bioRxiv electronic library.

“These maps allow us to assess how elusive mutations are currently present in the spread of SARS-CoV-2. As of mid-November, we found a significant number of virus mutations in humans that escaped one or more antibodies. One of them is associated with an outbreak of infections in Minks in the Netherlands and Denmark, the other is noticeable in Scotland and Ireland,” the article says.

It is specified that mutations of the coronavirus and RBD spiked protein, it’s a key part, were studied. The virus uses it to infect cells. In this case, mutations mask the virus from antibodies.

Earlier, another scientific group of American molecular biologists discovered an unexpectedly large role of cellular immunity in protecting against COVID-19, finding that even low concentrations of antibodies protected experimental macaques from infection with coronavirus with a high level of activity of certain subspecies of T cells.

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