Scientists have generated a view of the moon for the entire 2021

Scientists from NASA have presented an animation showing what the moon will look like throughout 2021. There are two viewing options – from the Northern and Southern hemispheres of the Earth.

Researchers from NASA presented an animation of how the moon’s view will change over the course of 2021. The agency has published two animations in 4K – one for the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern. Each of them lasts five minutes.

They explained that thanks to lunar libration, we can see just over 50% of the satellite. During the year, researchers can observe up to 59% of the surface of our satellite. The moon has a slight wobble from north to south and a slight wobble from east to west, and these movements change how much of the moon we can see at a given moment.

Scientists will also be able to observe the slow wobble of the Earth’s satellite. This phenomenon allows us to see the lunar disk is slightly different positions at different times. All four oscillations can be seen in the video: in longitude, in latitude, daily liberation, and physical libration.

To do this, you need to pay attention to how the moon increases in size and decreases. This is because the Moon’s orbit has apogee and perigee; this indicates that the object is most distant or closest to the Earth. In this case, the moon’s speed of rotation remains the same, but its orbital speed changes. Its orbit is faster at perigee and slightly slower at apogee.

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