Scientists have found treatment for the severe form of coronavirus

The results of preclinical studies have shown that the anti-cancer drug Acalabrutinib, which is used against malignant blood diseases, can save patients from severe forms of coronavirus infection. This drug blocks a specific protein and reduces the severity of hyperinflammation.

American scientists have found a new drug that can save patients from severe coronavirus infection. A compound called Acalabrutinib has previously been used against malignant blood diseases. This was reported in an article published in the journal Science Immunology.

Trials involving 19 critically ill patients (eight of them placed on artificial lung ventilation) demonstrated that Acalabrutinib blocks Bruton’s tyrosine kinase protein, reducing the risk of respiratory distress and lowering an overactive immune response. However, this effect should be tested in randomized controlled clinical trials, also necessary to determine the safe dose.

Author: Sam Smith
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