Scientists have found the capital of the ancient kingdom of Maya

An international team of scientists discovered the lost capital of the ancient Mayan kingdom on a Mexican farm, reports.

During excavations in the territory of the modern state of Chiapas in southeast Mexico, researchers found many Mayan monuments, including the remains of the pyramids, the royal palace and the site for rituals, as well as monuments with texts.

According to archaeologists, at the excavation site named Lacanja Zeltal, the largest city of the Mayan kingdom Sak Qi was located. It is noted that this territory was first inhabited in 750 BC.

Mayan civilization lasted several millennia, leaving behind many dead cities and cultural monuments on the Yucatan Peninsula. This civilization disappeared from the face of the Earth around the 9th century, when residents left most city states. Scientists are still arguing about the causes of this collapse.

Author: Flyn Braun
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