Scientists have found out which men are not suitable for Taylor Swift

University of Chicago doctoral student Megan Mansfield and her colleague Darryl Saligman have done a bizarre study of Taylor Swift’s personal life.

Scientists have found out with men what colour of eyes, the singer can have strong and happy relationships. Their report I Knew You Were Trouble: Emotional Trends in the Repertoire of Taylor Swift states: “Taylor’s bond with blue-eyed partners leads to less positive emotions, but relationships with green-eyed men or partners with indigo eyes make the singer more positive and can lead to a strong union. “ It’s worth noting that Meghan and Darryl’s study was published on April 1st.

This is not the first time the public has discussed the eye colour of Taylor’s boyfriends: Twitter users have already drawn attention to the fact that Swift is more likely to lean towards blue-eyed gentlemen, and some haters have called her racist in this regard. Taylor’s blue-eyed partners include her current lover Joe Alvin and former boyfriends Tom Hiddleston and Jake Gyllenhaal.

In March, Taylor won a Grammy for Album of the Year for her album Folklore. During her acceptance speech, Swift noted that Joe Alvin co-wrote her songs from the albums Folklore and Evermore – he signed himself with William Bowery’s pseudonym. “Joe is the first person to whom I play my new songs. It was so great to write songs with you during the quarantine, “ said the singer.

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