Scientists have found out how long COVID-19 patients remain infectious

COVID-19 patients stop being infectious 11 days after symptoms appear, the Straits Times reported.

According to Singapore scientists, a person may not be a vector of infection even with a positive test result. This is because they fix parts of the genome of the coronavirus, which may be already non-viable.

In this regard, experts have advised local authorities to review the discharge criteria — now in Singapore, patients are sent home only after receiving a second negative test.

The publication also notes that the eleven-day rule cannot be applied to people with reduced immunity.

According to the World Health Organization, about five million people have become infected with coronavirus worldwide, and more than 331 thousand have died. In Russia, 336 thousand cases of CAVID-19 were detected during the entire time of the pandemic, almost 3,500 died, and about 108,000 recovered.