Scientists have found danger signals of trees

Researchers have found danger signals for trees that begin to activate in the event of pests or fungal infections. In the future, scientists will be able to change plants to make them more resilient.

Researchers at Howard Hughes Medical Institute have found how plants and trees react to jasmonic acid, a hormone that is responsible for responding to external irritation. So they were able to find out that they have a complex communication network that transmits information about the danger. This knowledge will help researchers develop more resilient cultures that can withstand dangers, especially in an era of climate change.

“This study gives us a truly detailed picture of how this hormone acts at different levels,” said Professor Joseph Ecker, co-author of the article and researcher at Howard Hughes Medical Institute. “This allows us to understand how environmental information is processed and helps proper growth and development.”

Scientists have found this out with the example of the Tal rezovidka – the genome of this representative of the mustard family has been well studied. However, this experiment is representative, because jasmonic acid is among the representatives of the entire plant kingdom. To do this, the germinated seeds were treated with jasmonate, after which the researchers extracted DNA and proteins from the cells. To determine the exact location of the genes that regulate plant behavior during danger, scientists used specific antibodies against proteins of interest.

Previously, scientists found bacteria that can fight carcinogens in industrial and domestic emissions, which are formed during the combustion of coal, gas, oil and waste. This is stated in a study by scientists from Cornell University, published in the journal International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology.

Author: Flyn Braun
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