Scientists have found bacteria under the bottom of the Indian Ocean

Bacteria and archaea were found at a depth of about 700 m below the bottom of the Indian Ocean. This is stated in an article by scientists at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute in the journal Nature.

Bacteria were found during work in rocks on the bottom of the Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa on the Atlantis ridge. Moreover, biologists in the past assumed that life can exist only on the surface of the Earth, as well as in the upper layers of soil and water, where there is enough oxygen and nutrients.

In the deep rocks of the marine earth’s crust, there is a whole ecosystem of bacteria and archaea that can extract energy from various inorganic compounds. In addition, microbes that feed on prepared organics, and even fungi, also live at such depths.

All these microorganisms are united by the fact that they spend their resources very economically. They can reuse spent protein molecules and other compounds that play an important role in cell life.

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