Scientists have found a new source of ultra-high energy gamma radiation

Scientists from China have discovered a new unregistered source of gamma radiation. To do this, it took them a year of observations.

Astronomers conducted research with the Large High Altitude Air Observatory (LHAASO) looking for new high-energy sources of gamma rays. As a result, scientists have identified a new source of ultra-high energy gamma radiation, which is called LHAASO J2108 + 5157.

A group of astronomers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) conducted a search that lasted nearly a year. Their equipment was designed specifically for the study of space and gamma radiation. They conducted observations in the Chinese province of Sichuan.

“We are announcing the discovery of a new gamma-ray source LHAASO J2108 + 5157 based on LHAASO-KM2A observations. This is the first source found in the UHE range, recorded by other detectors, ”the researchers note.

Sources of gamma rays with photon energies from 100 gigaelectronvolts to 100 teraelectronvolts are called very high energy (VHE) gamma radiation sources, and sources with photon energies above 0.1 petaelectronvolts are called ultrahigh-energy (UHE) gamma-ray sources. The nature of these sources is still not well understood, so astronomers are constantly looking for new objects of this type to characterize them, which could help to study their properties in detail.

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