Scientists have found a mixture of antibodies that can destroy the coronavirus

In case of successful tests, its development can begin as early as next year.

A group of international scientists from Columbia University in New York has created a mixture of antibodies that is capable of completely eradicating coronavirus infection. Reported by The Guardian.

To do this, the researchers took antibodies from 40 patients who had been ill with severe CoViD-19 and transfused them into the blood of the volunteers who agreed. As a result, they managed to identify a mixture that can effectively destroy the virus.

– We have isolated very active antibodies on the basis of which a drug can be prepared. We believe that they can be used in order to prevent infection with coronavirus, – the publication says.

Scientists also conducted experiments on hamsters, which showed that the infusion of one of the most powerful antibodies protected animals from disease. In the near future, the researchers intend to test this method of treating the disease in people with a high risk of contracting coronavirus. If the trials are successful, the trials of the corresponding drug may begin next year.