Scientists have found a fast path through the solar system

Scientists have found a “fast route” through the solar system. It allows celestial bodies and, potentially, space devices to travel long distances faster.

Researchers have discovered a new fast route for travel in the solar system. It allows comets and asteroids to cover the distance from Jupiter to Neptune in less than ten years. The researchers note that this way, it is possible to send spacecraft to the distant regions of our solar system and observe near-Earth objects that may collide with our planet.

Scientists have observed these routes’ dynamic structures, which form an interconnected series of arches stretching from the asteroid belt to Uranus and beyond. This newly discovered route can be used for several decades before the celestial bodies could interfere with this change in their location.

The most prominent arched structures are associated with Jupiter and the strong gravitational forces they possess. Comets that depend on Jupiter form routes that allow other celestial bodies or cosmic bodies to pass alongside them. However, some of these bodies will eventually collide with Jupiter or leave the solar system.

The results obtained need further study to determine how they can be used by spacecraft. Scientists also want to monitor the likelihood of asteroid and meteorite collisions along these routes.

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