Scientists have found a capsule with the soil of the asteroid Ryugu

Scientists from the Japan Space Agency (JAXA) said they had found a capsule containing materials from the asteroid Ryugu. A small amount of soil will provide additional information about the development of the universe.

Researchers in Japan reported that she found a capsule with materials that were collected from the asteroid Ryugu. These materials were sent to Earth by the Japanese space probe Hayabusa-2. Scientists hope that the samples will be about 0.1 grams, but it will help them learn more about the origin of life and the universe’s formation.

A capsule of asteroid samples dropped by the probe created a fireball as it entered Earth’s atmosphere. The materials were found in the southern Australian desert and will now be in the hands of scientists performing primary, non-invasive analysis, including checking for gas emissions.

Earlier, the Japanese research probe Hayabusa-2 studied the asteroid Ryugu, collected samples from it, and, having passed more than 220 thousand km from the Earth, dropped a special capsule with scientific materials surface of a celestial body. Now the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) is preparing to collect samples taken from a near-Earth asteroid.

The spacecraft sample capsule should land near Woomera, Australia, early Sunday morning local time. The researchers note that beautiful flashes of light will accompany the landing of the capsule.

The entire journey to Earth will take about 12 hours. The speed of approach to the earth’s surface will be 12 km/s. Due to the high frictional force, the object while in the atmosphere will look like a bright fireball and can be observed for 90 seconds.

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