Scientists have explained where in the Milky Way it is worth looking for intelligent life

In a new study, scientists have named the best place in the Milky Way galaxy to search for an extraterrestrial civilization.

Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania (USA) have conducted computer simulations to narrow the search for alien life. In their study, astronomers tried to understand why, over the years of searching, humanity has not found signs of an intelligent civilization or any form of life outside the Earth.

So, scientists have suggested that they are simply “looking the wrong way.” One of the authors of the new work, Jason Wright from the University of Pennsylvania, is confident that it is necessary to look at the center of the Milky Way. Why exactly there? It is in the galactic center that the density of stars is especially high.

The search for life in spiral galaxies should start from the central regions – there are concentrated long-born stars with old planets, whose inhabitants had enough time for technological progress. Perhaps the search for advanced alien civilizations is in globular clusters, which are abundant in the central region of the Milky Way.

Jason Wright of the University of Pennsylvania

Wright and his colleagues have created a computer model in which the galaxy is viewed as a dynamic rather than a stationary system. The model took into account the possible resettlement of technologically advanced aliens in neighboring stellar systems.

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