Scientists have discovered that one of the diseases also gives immunity to COVID-19

People who have had dengue fever may develop some immunity to COVID-19. This is reported by Reuters, citing an unpublished study by Duke University professor Miguel Nicolelis.

This striking discovery raises the intriguing possibility of immunological cross-reactivity between the dengue flavivirus and SARS-CoV-2 serotypes.

Research text

Professor Nicolelis found that in regions that have had outbreaks of Dengue fever this year or last, the incidence of coronavirus is low and growing more slowly than in the rest.

If confirmed, Nicolelis said people could gain a certain level of immunity to COVID-19 thanks to the dengue vaccine. The professor added that, according to previous studies, people with antibodies to Dengue gave false-positive test results for antibodies to coronavirus, even if they never got sick.

Scientists have found a link between past outbreaks of Dengue fever and the incidence of coronavirus in several regions of Brazil, in other parts of Latin America, Asia, and the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

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