Scientists have discovered a consequence of COVID-19, which occurs only in men

Scientists from the University of Texas have identified a characteristic symptom of COVID-19 for the male part of the population, writes Express with reference to the study.

The authors of the work found out that coronavirus can affect the testes of the patient. They came to such conclusions after experiments on hamsters. According to their data, there were cases when men infected with the coronavirus complained of pain in the groin area, and some reports noted a decrease in testosterone levels.

Hamsters are often used to model the course of COVID-19 in humans. The virus was found in the testes of all infected rodents for a week, but then its concentration decreased. The authors of the study suggest that men with a mild to moderate course of the disease may experience the same symptoms. In the future, they intend to simulate the conditions associated with a severe form of COVID-19. These include diseases such as obesity and diabetes, as well as exposure to different strains of SARS-CoV-2.

“Given the scale of the coronavirus pandemic, it is extremely important to study how it can affect the testicles, assess the impact on the severity of the disease and reproductive function, as well as the possibility of sexual transmission,” said lead author Rafael Kroon Campos.

Earlier, scientists from the University of Miami found that the coronavirus persists in the tissues of the penis for a long period of time after recovery. The fact is that one of the consequences of COVID-19 is endothelial dysfunction: a condition in which the mucous membrane of small blood vessels is disturbed, as a result of which the tissues fed by them cease to be normally supplied with blood and lose their functions.

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