Scientists have developed an aluminum panel: at a certain angle to the sun, it purifies water

Researchers at the University of Rochester in the United States have developed an aluminum panel that cleans water at a certain angle from the sun. It is reported by Nature Sustainability.

The experiments conducted by the laboratory show that this method reduces the presence of all common contaminants in water: detergents, dyes, urine, heavy metals, and glycerin. The result is a liquid that is safe to drink.

Researchers have developed a new aluminum panel that more efficiently concentrates solar energy to evaporate and purify contaminated water. The team created a laser processing technology that makes ordinary aluminum resin black and, accordingly, absorbing light and super-activating.

The technology uses a series of femtosecond (ultrashort) laser pulses to convert the surface of a conventional aluminum sheet. When an aluminum panel is immersed in water at an angle to the sun, it draws a thin layer of water up the surface of the metal. At the same time, the blackened surface retains almost 100% of the energy that it absorbs from the sun in order to quickly heat the water. And the structures of the absorbent surface change the intermolecular bonds of water, further increasing the efficiency of the evaporation process.

Together, these three processes enable technology to work better. This is a simple, reliable, and affordable way to overcome the global water crisis, especially in developing countries.

Chunlei Guo, professor of optics at the University of Rochester