Scientists have developed a new rice variety using ion-beam technology

A research team led by Professor Wu Yuejing of the Hefei Institute of Physical Sciences (HFIPS) has developed a new rice variety using ion-beam selection. The Chinese Academy of Sciences reports the results.

The rice variety, which scientists call “Zhongkejing No. 5,” in which “Zhongke” means the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Chinese, was specially created for glutinous rice production areas in Anhui Province. The new variety is distinguished by its early maturity, high resistance to environmental conditions, and nitrogen fertilization efficiency. “Zhongkejing No. 5” he passed the regional assessment test in Anhui Province. The cultivation of the new variety has received support from the local government.

“We have been focusing on ion beam bioengineering for decades. This will help alleviate the shortage of good glutinous rice varieties, ”said Liu Binmei, Ph.D., a breeder of the new rice variety.

The team applied ion-beam mutagenesis in crop breeding to promote molecular breeding. This technology has shown clear advantages in generating germplasm resources. Plants created by mutagenesis are sometimes called mutagenic plants. More than 3,200 mutagenic plant varieties have been created since 1930,

In China, by 2020, more than 100 new varieties such as rice, wheat, and corn have been developed using ion beams, making important contributions to the advancement of agricultural science and technology.

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