Scientists have developed a formula for success for science and art

Researchers led by Dashun Wang of Northwestern University in the United States have explained which creativity is more likely to gain acceptance.

The authors of the new work created computational methods using deep learning algorithms and network science to analyze how the success of the work of artists, filmmakers and scientists changed and what it depended on.

In total, they studied more than 800,000 works of art collected from museums and galleries, which cover the career stories of 2,128 artists, 79,000 films by 4,337 directors from the Internet Movie Database (IMDb), as well as publications of 20,000 scientists and their citation indices. from Web of Science and Google Scholar.

As a result, the authors found out that the most popular works, or, as the authors called it, a hot streak, are the result of many years of research, study of various styles or themes, followed by a period of exploitation, when an artist or scientist concentrates in a narrow area and produces a result.

Neither study nor exploitation in isolation manifests itself as a hot streak. We need their sequence. While exploring is risky because it may get you nowhere, it’s during this period that you’re likely to stumble upon a great idea.

Research text

The authors also note that if the study was not followed by exploitation as a consolidation of the found idea, then the likelihood of a hot streak was significantly reduced.

Scientists have found that this period of successful work lasts about five years.

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