Scientists have created smart material inspired by the skin of sharks

Scientists from the University of Southern California have created smart material inspired by shark skin. He can control sound waves in various ways – quench or improve them.

Acoustic metamaterials are usually designed to control sound waves. But they can only perform the function for which they were created, for example, damping the outgoing sound in a submarine. The same device cannot be converted for another function – in this case, you must use a different acoustic device.

Now a team of scientists from the University of Southern California has developed an acoustic metamaterial that can switch between different functions, this can be done using carefully selected magnetic fields, the development description says. The structure of the new metamaterials is inspired by the unusual structure of shark skin. They can be used to simulate the functions of switches or diodes.

Researchers have explained that the microscopic structure of these metamaterials can bend a wave in a way that they usually don’t. This property is called the refractive index.

Previously, scientists created programmable microparticles for drug delivery. The development is safe for living tissues, and, in addition to targeted drug delivery, it will allow the diagnosis of tissues and organs. The work of researchers at Duke University is published in the journal Nature Communications.

Author: Flyn Braun
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