Scientists have created microcapsules in the form of dumplings from biodegradable polymers

Scientists from Great Britain, Italy, France, Poland and Singapore and Russia have created microcapsules – “dumplings” for targeted drug delivery.

As the authors note, the unusual non-spherical capsule formula is more efficient than spherical in a number of characteristics, however, to ensure optimal performance, high precision is required in their design and manufacture.

Our method is based on the same principle as the process of making dumplings or dumplings. Only instead of meat, cottage cheese, berries or potatoes, we use other fillings – for example, proteins or other biologically active substances. And we do it at the microstructure level.

Gleb Sukhorukov, one of the authors of the study, professor at the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology

For the manufacture of nanoparticles, scientists have prepared a special stencil with a large number of wells, which are first filled with a layer of shell polymers and then coated with a drug. The chemists then apply another layer of polymer on top of these wells. As a result, the active substance is sealed between two layers, like minced meat in dumplings.

Using this method, scientists obtained torpedo-shaped capsules with a length of seven micrometers, which had a large capacity and the ability to retain hydrophilic molecules, and were also well absorbed by cells without causing a toxic effect.

Also, these capsules held small water-soluble molecules inside the capsule quite stably for several days.

In the course of further research, scientists will experiment with polymers – this time they used polylactic acid. The method should be tested on other materials as well.

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