Scientists have created bricks from plastic waste

Scientists have created bricks from plastic waste, waste vegetable fiber, and sand. The resulting products are not inferior in terms of mechanical properties to clay bricks, according to the work of scientists from the University of Flinders. The research is described in Chemistry-A European Journal.

The construction industry accounts for about 18% of global carbon dioxide emissions. Most of these emissions come from some building materials, such as cement.

In their work, the researchers recycled PVC waste, as well as plant materials, creating powder rubber from it, from which it is possible to produce bricks and cement for construction. The substance can be subjected to rusting, compression, and stretching – this will allow it to be used in various fields, from construction to car repair.

The ability of the material to mix with various types of fillers will allow creating completely new types of composite materials on its basis, the authors of the study note.

“The new recycling method and new composite materials are an important step forward in creating environmentally friendly building materials. Our polymer rubber can be crushed and recycled many times”.

Nick Lundquist, lead author of the research