Scientists have created an effective energy transmission system at a distance

Scientists have created an effective energy transmission system at a distance. It allows you to charge electronic devices, regardless of the distance between the device and its power source. This is stated in a study by scientists from Stanford University, published in the journal Nature Electronics.

Modern methods of wireless charging of electronic devices of technology work only if the general parameters of the system are configured for a certain transmission distance.

This has some limitations: for effective charging, the device must constantly be at a certain distance from the energy source.

The main goal of our study was to overcome the barrier to dynamic wireless charging. Our idea is based on a non-linear PT-symmetric scheme, which concerns systems with balanced gain and loss.

Sid Assavorrarit, lead author of the research

The natural frequency of the system is the frequency at which the system works well and which contributes to the efficient transfer of energy to the device. In a system developed by researchers, this oscillation frequency independently adapts to changing conditions, which can be the movement of a device receiving energy on a scale of less than a millisecond. Thus, the system supports efficient transmission, even when the device is in fast motion.

In addition, the system allows you to charge the device almost regardless of how far it is from the power source. During testing, she was able to stably transmit 10 W power to a battery that was at a distance of 0 to 65 cm and moved at a constant speed.