Scientists have created a volumetric hologram for the first time: you can touch it

Researchers at Brigham Young University have created a real hologram that looks like a three-dimensional image.

The authors of the new work managed to project a volumetric image in the air. The hologram is created using a multi-layer reflector screen, and the real 3D picture is in an open space. You can touch the hologram with your finger.

Unlike conventional holograms, which have a limited viewing angle, the new system allows you to see images from any angle and from any side.

This is due to the work of optical traps and a system of two lasers, where one transforms particles in the air, and the other illuminates the resulting base with many shades.

Another innovation is that the hologram can move and interact with other objects. However, in order to comfortably observe the image, it is necessary to do it through the macro lens of the camera, since the projection is small.

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