Scientists have created a virus capable of killing all types of cancer

Recently, The Daily Telegraph reported that scientists have developed a new virus that can rid humanity of cancer. The new treatment is called CF33 and in the laboratory, it killed all possible types of cancer, as well as significantly reducing the size of tumors in mice.

The Australian company Imugene, led by American cancer expert Professor Yuman Fong, carries out the development and now the researchers are already at the stage of preparation for clinical trials, which will be held in several countries.

The virus will first be tested on people with breast cancer, melanoma, lung cancer, bladder cancer, stomach, and bowel cancer.

Despite the success of the trials in mice, there is no guarantee that the method will be as effective in humans. However, Professor Fong remains optimistic, as other types of viruses have shown the ability to fight specific types of cancer in humans.

Previously, it was discovered that the cold virus can be used to treat brain cancer — in some patients, the use led to a decrease in tumors, in others they disappeared altogether, but only for a few years.

In the case of the new method, the scientists used cowpox, harmless to humans. By mixing it with other viruses, the researchers created a universal hunter of cancer cells.

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