Scientists have created a unique method for the production of powder composite metals

Chelyabinsk scientists from the South Ural State University (SUSU) have developed a new method for creating powder composite metals. It allows you to reduce production waste and improve the quality of electrical products, as a result, the economic efficiency of production is increased by 30%. The results of the study are published in the journal Metallurgist.

The SUSU team presented a unique method and design of a mixer for the preparation of powder composite materials based on graphite, coke, and a polymer component.

As the authors noted, the new method will improve the quality of finished raw materials for the subsequent pressing process and reduce production waste in the field of nuclear energy, aviation and space industry, metallurgy, and electric transport.

Experts have proposed not one new algorithm, but a number of techniques for mixing powder, which allow to obtain a carbon composition – a multicomponent material. The result is high-quality products due to the most uniform distribution of properties over the volume of the part made from it. Accordingly, in different parts of the product, the material has the same physical and mechanical properties: for example, it is equally strong and dense.

The results obtained are unique and can be used in other technological operations and equipment related to the processes of manufacturing parts from powder composite materials.

Marina Samodurova, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor at the Department of Processes and Machines for Metal Processing by Pressure, SUSU

The new development may be relevant for companies involved in the production of mixing equipment, as the new technology increases the efficiency of the equipment due to less waste during mixing.