Scientists have created a rubber-like substitute for human tissues

Scientists have created a rubber-like substitute for human tissues. The material can be used as a replacement for real tissues during various medical operations – this is likely to save the lives of many patients. Developed by scientists from Chalmers University of Technology published in journal ACS Nano.

Over the past few years, scientists have created artificial materials that can replace the human natural tissue during operations, injuries, or other injuries. However, the creation of biocompatible materials is fraught with a number of difficulties – most of them are either toxic (like Botox) or can cause infection in the body.

Now, scientists have managed to develop a biocompatible substitute for human tissues, which consists exclusively of already tested and well-proven components that have taken root well in the human body.

Human tissue substitute

The material is based on plexiglass – a substance that is widely used in medical technology. Having redesigned the design and nanostructure of Plexiglass, the researchers endowed the substance with a new combination of properties: it can become hard like bones or soft like tissues.

“The first application we are considering is urinary catheters. The material can be designed to prevent the growth of bacteria on the surface. This means that it is very well suited for medical use”.

Martin Andersson, lead author of the study

Author: Flyn Braun
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