Scientists have created a battery sticker. It can be glued to almost any surface

Scientists have created a sticker battery – it can be glued to almost any surface. This is stated in the work of scientists from the Korea Institute for Energy Research, published in the Chemical Engineering Journal.

As demand for lighter and more compact wearable devices, as well as highly functional IoT devices, grows, the need for new technologies for collecting, storing and managing power supplies grows. To meet this demand, scientists are working on the creation of energy storage devices with additional functions in addition to the power source.

Such devices should be able to change shape while the user is moving in order to be convenient for use in wearable devices.

In a new study, scientists created an ultra-thin microfilm capacitor for storing energy that can stick to a surface like a sticker. The battery is attached using ultrashort laser pulses that partially melt it, allowing it to be held on almost any surface.

Battery sticker

The battery consists of adhesive polymer composites and porous graphene coated with a functional mimic of mussel adhesive protein. The device easily bends and returns to its original position, without collapsing – and its efficiency is 13 times higher than that of analogs, the authors of the study note.

In addition, the battery quickly decomposes in the soil and can be easily connected to wearable gadgets.

Author: Flyn Braun
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