Scientists have changed the grant system of the Ministry of Wacky Walks from Monty Python

Scientists have analyzed the grant system of the Ministry of Wacky Gait from Monty Python. As part of the study, American scientists Erin Butler and Nathaniel Domini from Dartmouth College evaluated the gait of Minister Tiebeg and Mr. Puety from the Monty Python sketch “Ministry of Wacky Gait”, and concluded that Puity would receive a grant for its development – in contrast to the Monty Python story.

In a satirical sketch, Mr. Peegety comes to the Minister of Wacky Walks Mr. Tiebeg and shows his walk, asking for a grant for its development. The ministry refuses Puety, explaining this by saying that his gait is not stupid enough. After that, Tibeg demonstrates his gait as an argument.

American scientists in a special service for analyzing movements compared the gait of an ordinary person with the gait of Mr. Putty and Minister Tiebeg. It turned out that the minister’s gait was 4.7-6.7 times more variable than that of an ordinary person, and that of Mr. Putty – 3.3 times. This means that despite the fact that the Puity gait is more normal than the Tibeg gait, the Ministry of Wacky Gait could give a grant for its development.

In their work, scientists focus on the fact that many researchers use an insufficient number of objective indicators both for research and for writing reviews of other works. Butler and Domini compare such specialists, just, with employees of the Ministry of stupid gait.

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