Scientists have assessed the impact of climate on the spread of coronavirus

Climate conditions do not affect the activity of the spread of coronavirus. The corresponding study is published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

Scientists analyzed more than 375,600 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in 144 geo-political zones. Experts compared the dynamics of infection from March 20 to 27, taking into account such factors as latitude, temperature, humidity. Also, measures were taken to control the spread of the disease during the exposure period (from 7 to 13 of March).

The researchers found no significant relationship between latitude or temperature and epidemic growth of COVID-19 but found a weak association between humidity and reduced transmission. They concluded that restrictions imposed, such as school closures, physical distance, and public health measures, had a much more significant impact on the situation.

The coronavirus pandemic has spread almost all over the world. Who reports more than 3.6 million infected people, of which about 254,000 have died, and over a million have been cured.
The most infected and victims were recorded in the United States, Spain, and Italy.

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