Scientists discover the northernmost island in the world

Researchers have discovered the northernmost land area in the world. The island north of Greenland has yet to be named and may soon be underwater.

During an expedition in July, a new island was discovered. However, they thought they were on Oodaake. It claimed the title of the northernmost island on the planet.

“There was an error in my GPS that made us believe we were on the island of Oodaak,” explains expedition leader Morten Rush of the Faculty of Earth Sciences and Natural Resources Management at the University of Copenhagen. “Actually, we found a new island in the north. This discovery expands the Kingdom of Denmark a bit. ”

Oodaak is located about 700 km south of the North Pole, and the new island is 780 meters north of it.

The University of Copenhagen said in a statement that “the island has not yet been named” and “is the northernmost point of Greenland and one of the northernmost landmarks on Earth.” At the same time, the new island is located from 30 to 60 meters above sea level, which means it may be underwater in the near future.

“Nobody knows how long it will be dry land. In principle, it can disappear as soon as a powerful new storm breaks out, ”the scientists conclude.

The autonomous Danish Territory of Greenland gained media attention in 2019 when former US President Donald Trump announced he wanted to buy Arctic territory. The proposal, called “absurd” by the Danish government, sparked diplomatic conflict and also signaled a renewed American interest in the region. It has also been hit hard by climate change. Rising global temperatures have melted the area’s glaciers, causing a dangerous rise in sea levels.

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