Scientists create a system to extinguish fires that occur under the hood of a car

Scientists from Penza are developing a new system for extinguishing fires that occur under the hood of a car. As conceived by engineers, it will consist of several containers with coolant.

Employees of the Penza State University (PSU) began developing a fire extinguishing system under the hood of a car. The peculiarity of the new development will be in its efficiency and safety. The system will reportedly outperform analogs in engine safety. In addition, it will be much cheaper than existing systems.

According to the author of the project, PGU graduate student Aleksey Morev, many of the car fire extinguishing systems that are already on the market have their own serious shortcomings. Some chemicals will eat away at the engine instead of protecting it. In addition, the scientist warns that a fire extinguisher, which every driver must have in a car, is not always effective. The fact is that when the hood is opened, the flow of oxygen only intensifies the fire.

The system, which is being developed at the CCGT, consists of several tanks with a cooling liquid and a fire retardant. This substance prevents combustion. There is also a special foaming agent in the system. Containers with liquids are installed under the hood of the car.

When smoke is generated, signals are sent to special sensors, activating the spraying device. It absorbs substances from two containers at once, mixing them until they are homogeneous, and then sprays them. Scientists expect that the system will extinguish the fire from the very beginning, preventing a serious fire.

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