Scientists called long-term neurological complications COVID-19

Scientists have identified long-term neurological complications of the coronavirus, which are observed even in patients with a moderate course of the disease, according to Medicalexpress.

Specialists from the Boston University School of Medicine in Massachusetts studied data from more than 900 patients with COVID-19 who were treated at the hospital between April 15 and July 1. 74 patients showed neurological symptoms.

Therefore, 18 patients had a stroke, 15 had seizures, 26 patients were diagnosed with encephalopathy-a brain dysfunction that includes confusion and delirium (a mental disorder that occurs with a violation of attention, perception, thinking, and emotions). Some other patients developed nerve damage or movement problems.

According to the study’s lead author Priya Anand, some neurological problems are associated with an overactive immune response, while others result from a patient’s critical condition.

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