Scientist predicted the onset of the ice age on Earth

A new ice age will occur on Earth in 100 thousand years, said Professor Masayuki Ikeda of the Department of planetary research and Earth studies of the faculty of Natural Sciences of Tokyo University.

Together with his colleagues, this scientist authored a recent study of the influence of the monsoon on the climate and the development of dinosaurs 10 million years ago. In particular, scientists used the theory of Serbian engineer Milutin Milankovic about fluctuations in the amount of sunlight and radiation on the Earth over a long time due to periodic changes in the angle of the Earth’s axis to the plane of its orbit.

“Based on Milankovich’s theory, a new ice age will occur in 100 thousand years, but this depends on the human factor of carbon dioxide emissions,” Professor said.

He also noted that “we are now at the peak of a ten million-year cycle with a cool, intense monsoon climate and a low concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere.”

In the recently published research of the Japanese scientist and other colleagues, said that the reduction of carbon dioxide and cold climate with strong monsoon led to the growth of the size of the dinosaurs and their wide dispersal by increasing food sources and water, about 212 million years ago in the Triassic period of the Mesozoic era.

“As the Milankovich mechanism continues to operate in the history of the Earth, we will try to find a connection between this mechanism and the evolution of climate and ecosystems,” Ikeda said.

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