Schumer called on to protect informants against the background of the dismissal of the witnesses in the case of impeachment

The leader of the Senate Democrats sent letters to 74 inspectors General.

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer called on 74 inspectors General to protect whistleblowers from government agencies amid the dismissal of some key figures in the impeachment investigation.

In a letter sent Monday to the Defense Department’s Inspector General, Schumer noted that President Donald Trump subjected Lt. Col. Alex Vindman to «brutal attacks» after making the “courageous” decision to “tell the truth.”

Vindman, who previously served on the White House National Security Council and testified as part of the impeachment investigation, was removed from office on Friday and given another appointment.

Vindman’s twin brother was also dismissed from his position as a lawyer in the White House.

In addition, Gordon Sondland, who served as Ambassador to the European Union, was dismissed on Friday. Sondland was among 17 witnesses who testified in the impeachment investigation.
According to Schumer, these dismissals, along with attempts to make public the name of the informant whose memo about Trump’s conversation with the President of Ukraine initiated the impeachment process, require attention.

Similar letters have been sent to all 74 inspectors General, who are urged to take immediate action to investigate any “cases of retaliation” against people who report improper behavior by the President to Congress or the inspectors General.

The law provides for the protection of informants.

The white house defends decisions to dismiss employees.

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