Schumer and Menendez called on the White House to declassify the notification of the operation against Suleimani

Senators believe that the public should read the notification that the White House sent to Congress.

Senate Democratic minority leader Chuck Schumer and senior member of the Senate foreign relations Committee Robert Menendez sent a letter to us President Donald Trump, urging him to declassify immediately the notification of the beginning of hostilities against Iran, sent by the White House to Congress on January 4, by the wartime powers Act of 1973.

In their letter, the senators emphasize that it is extremely important to share with the American public additional information about the military operation against the commander of the elite Quds unit of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps, Qasem Suleimani. Schumer and Menendez also condemned the administration’s decision to classify the notice, noting that the decision has no legitimate basis.

“It is extremely important that information about national security issues of such importance be communicated to the American people on time. A fully classified notification is simply inappropriate in a democratic society, and it seems that the classification of this notification had no legitimate grounds,” Schumer and Menendez said in the letter.

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