Schoolchildren developed a model of an apparatus for finding water on Mars

Young engineers have developed a model of an apparatus for exploring Mars and searching for water there.

The model of the new robot, as conceived by the children, will move by jumping due to the compressed gas. The children assembled the model themselves from elements printed on a 3D printer.

Together with this, an electrical circuit is drawn up and an on-board computer is programmed. The device will be started remotely, from a computer, it will also be able to transmit data about its position, speed and pressure in the tank.

As conceived by young engineers and their mentors, GasHopper – this is the name of the apparatus – will search for water necessary for the colonization of the planet. To move it uses dry ice – carbon dioxide in a solid state, which is rich in the Martian polar caps.

Press Service of the Sirius Center

In addition, other participants in the Big Challenges science and technology program are working on the world’s first space microscope. It is planned to be placed in a nanosatellite and sent into space for research.

Within two years, the microscope will fall in dense layers of the atmosphere and continuously scan the surfaces of various materials, which are affected by the solar wind, ion fluxes, and cosmic radiation.

The microscope is scheduled to launch in 2022. The results of the experiments are used by Russian scientists in research work, the press service explained.

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