Scandalous TV presenter strengthens security after death threats

Controversial British TV presenter Piers Morgan said that he increased the security of his London home after he received death threats from an ill-wisher, The Mirror reports.

Morgan, 55, thanked the police for helping to strengthen security. He compared his home to the American military base Fort Knox, which houses the US gold reserve. It is considered one of the most secure in the world.

The TV presenter noted that law enforcement officers are looking for the troll who left death threats, together with representatives of Facebook.

“I’m not doing this entirely for myself or other high-ranking people, we can take care of ourselves to some extent and ensure our safety … But what about ordinary people who have to endure these obscenities every day?” – Morgan explained his desire to figure out the ill-wisher.

In February, TV presenter’s son Spencer spoke about death threats against his family received from user stevienewcombe. Under one of Spencer’s Instagram photos, the troll wrote that he intends to kill his father or mother.

Morgan is one of the most famous British TV presenters. Viewers often criticize his harsh remarks. In January, the journalist suggested that obese people lose weight, thereby causing a negative reaction on social networks.

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