Saudi prince sentenced to death

Saudi Prince Fahd bin Turki bin Abd Al-Aziz, the nephew of King Salman, was sentenced to death. This is written by the Washington Institute for the Study of the Persian Gulf Countries (Gulf Institute).

A military court has found the former commander of the Saudi forces in Yemen guilty of high treason. The kingdom’s authorities believe that Fahd is involved in organizing an anti-government coup.

Experts interviewed by the Institute note that the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and the country’s Defense Minister, Mohammed bin Salman, are allegedly involved in the arrest. Thus, he wants to force the family of the arrested person to replenish the state treasury: it is assumed that the economic situation in the country is deteriorating.

Fahd was arrested back in September 2020, along with his son.

This is not the first scandal involving the royal family of Saudi Arabia. Crown Prince Mohammed is also believed to be involved in the murder of Prince Mansour bin Muqrin, who crashed a helicopter in an accident in 2017. The unofficial version says that he was eliminated by the Tiger Squad, which works for the Crown Prince and is responsible for eliminating dissidents.

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  1. Saudi Arabia should turn from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy or else it will turn into an emirate or Islamic Jamahiriya.


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