Sarah Paulson celebrated her girlfriends’ 78th birthday

46-year-old American actress Sarah Paulson, famous for her participation in the American Horror Story series, left a post on Instagram. She congratulated her partner, actress Holland Taylor, on her 78th birthday.

At the head of the collection of photographs is a black and white photograph in which Sarah kisses her lover on the cheek. The description to it says:

“All paths lead me to this face, eyes, soul. You are all for me”. Then Paulson left a touching congratulation, in which she asked her partner not to be angry when she saw the post, as Holland does not like this photo. “This is the perfect image of the perfect person. Happy birthday, dear! ” Paulson wrote.

In the comments, several celebrities shared their wishes for the performer’s birthday of one of the roles in the second and third parts of “Spy Kids”. Congratulations included Kate Bossourt, Olivia Munn, Jeremy Scott, Alison Jenny and Chrissy Metz. Sarah and Holland have been dating since 2015.

Before meeting his current partner, Paulson had a long-term relationship with another actress – Cherry Jones, with whom he was together from 2004 to 2009. When Sarah was asked about her orientation, in 2013, she stated that for her “the situation is fluid,” hinting that gender does not matter, the only sympathy is important. Before meeting Cherry Jones, the five-time Emmy nominee dated only men, even was engaged to playwright Tracy Letts.

Author: Sam Smith
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