Samsung’s new display folds down multiple times

As part of the Display Week 2021 virtual conference, Samsung Display unveiled screen technologies that may appear in the next generation of smartphones. Among them are folding and retractable screens.

Foldable phones from Samsung are already on the market, but the latest concept is different from all the previous ones. The company has unveiled a new, 7.2-inch dual-fold OLED display. Large displays can now be folded into smaller ones, like a sheet of paper.

Once Samsung has established manufacturing processes and is confident enough in the durability of the structure, the technology will hit the market.

The company also introduced a 17-inch foldable screen with an aspect ratio of 4: 3 for laptops. It matches the size of the folded tablet and the size of the computer monitor when unfolded. Its peculiarity is that two applications are launched simultaneously and conveniently side by side.

Samsung has also taken a fresh look at its swivel screen technology. It allows the phone to remain compact for portability, but with the option to expand the display when additional screen space is required.

In addition, the company showed off an OLED laptop display with a camera underneath the surface. The manufacturer already demonstrated this development at the beginning of the year, calling it the Samsung Blade Bezel.

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