Samsung unveils new form factors for smartphones: triple fold and roll-up display

The Samsung Display blog has published sketches of two new devices from the company, which may be released to the market one day.

The first image shows the enhanced Galaxy Fold foldable smartphone. Only it does not fold in one place, but in two at once. Accordingly, there are not two parts of the screen, but three.

With this form factor, there is no need for an additional external display – you can use one of the parts instead. Besides, the large screen area increases, and when unfolded, you get a real tablet.

By the way, LetsGoDigital has created renders of the finished gadget based on these layouts.

The second sketch shows a smartphone with a rolling display, which can be removed if not needed. The only obvious limitation is that such a thin display can only be used on a desktop surface.

It is not yet clear if Samsung will release such smartphones, but Samsung Display can create panels for such devices.

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