Samsung unveils Galaxy Buds Pro: wireless earbuds with advanced noise canceling

Today, along with the flagships Samsung Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 +, and Galaxy S21 Ultra, the Galaxy Buds Pro wireless headphones also debuted.

The new headphone model is inspired by the Galaxy Buds+ design but offers even better ergonomics and longer listening time. Indeed, the design is more classic when compared to the Buds Live beans. Also, the promise of better sound quality and active noise cancellation from Buds Live. In general, the Galaxy Buds Pro has collected all the best from previous models.

The housing has a degree of protection IPX7. That is, it withstands short-term immersion in water. The headphones are equipped with an 11mm woofer for deep bass and a 6.5mm tweeter for richer treble.

There’s active noise cancellation, of course, with Samsung claiming 99% blocking of ambient sound. And Ambient Sound mode lets you hear ambient sounds. The headphones are so smart that they always listen to your voice. Therefore, whenever you speak, the surround sound function is triggered.

During calls, a dedicated VPU sharpens your voice, while three microphones help separate background noise. Finally, with Samsung’s new Wind Shield technology, the wind won’t interfere with your conversation.

Another interesting feature is the simultaneous connection of two gadgets and automatic switching between them. You can connect two Samsung devices simultaneously – for example, a tablet and a smartphone. Watch a movie on your tablet, and when you receive a call on your phone, the headphones will automatically switch to it.

Two 61 mAh batteries provide up to 5 hours of battery life, with active noise canceling up to 8 hours without it. The charging case received a 472 mAh battery, which brings the total playback time to 18 and 28 hours, respectively. The fast charge function gives you 1 hour of music playback with just 5 minutes of charging.

Pre-orders for headphones will start tomorrow, January 15, and the new product will appear in stores on January 29. Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro will cost €229. There are three colors to choose from: Phantom Silver, Phantom Violet, and Phantom Black.