Samsung to release seventh generation V-NAND flash SSD

A senior executive at Korean tech giant Samsung said the company plans to introduce a new consumer SSD based on seventh-generation V-NAND memory chips in the second half of the year. They will boast the smallest cell size in the industry.

The new solution is reportedly optimized for multitasking and huge workloads such as 3D modeling and video editing. True, in modern realities, it is likely that Chia miners will also like the new product. In addition to the consumer market, Samsung plans to bring the seventh generation V-NAND SSD to the server segment, including offering models for the data center.

Recall that V-NAND is a Samsung flash memory design that vertically arranges memory cells that form a three-dimensional structure. Other vendors refer to similar solutions as 3D NAND. The company was the first to commercialize such a solution, introducing the original 3D V-NAND in 2013.

In the seventh generation of V-NAND, Samsung is said to have reduced cell size by about 35 percent by reducing both surface area and height using innovative 3D scaling technology. It is noted that Samsung is the only company in the industry with etching technology capable of creating more than 100 layers on a single chip and connecting them together with more than a billion connections. In addition, the company has already received a working eighth-generation V-NAND chip, which contains more than 200 layers. Products based on it are planned to be presented after analyzing the market situation and consumer demand.

Samsung is the world’s largest manufacturer of NAND flash memory, according to research firm TrendForce, with a 33.5% share of revenue in the first quarter of this year. The business generated $ 4.97 billion for the company in the first three months of 2021, up 7 percent from the previous quarter.

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