Samsung Shows Concept System for Smart Cars of the Future

Samsung has unveiled the Digital Cockpit 2021, a concept car system that delivers safety and fun while traveling. Despite the presence of the number 2021 in the title, such a system, and even more so transport with it, is unlikely to appear in the near future.

The system includes several displays: a large QLED on the dashboard, a smaller OLED, a large rear display for passengers, and even a screen outside for pedestrians that shows various warnings. They display a navigator, images from four outdoor cameras to recognize nearby vehicles and pedestrians, weather conditions, smartphone notifications, videos, and games.

The system also features Samsung Health, which syncs with the Galaxy Watch to display the driver’s energy, emotion, and stress levels using heart rate information. When the motorist is tired, the car advises him to take a break and take some rest.

In Game Mode, the two stereo speakers are removed from the seat headrest. There’s even Creator Studio, which offers a quick way to edit photos and videos on the go.

The Digital Cockpit 2021 can run Android and Linux simultaneously and uses Samsung’s Exynos Auto V9 processor, which is equipped with a built-in 5G modem (up to 6GHz and mmWave), GPS and Wi-Fi. It is complemented by a Qualcomm 5G modem and antennas for faster internet speeds, even when the car is moving at high speeds.

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